Strategic Plan and Core Business

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Strategic Plan and Core Business

Policy Research

  • Short-term/long-term research on health insurance, medical pay, and financing
  • Development of various guidelines for enhancing medical quality and balanced development of medical institutes
  • Short-term/long-term research on healthcare policy and healthcare law
  • Countermeasures for changes in medical environment

Holding Forum and Debate on Healthcare Policy

  • Holding occasional forum and debate on currently issued healthcare policy to actively respond to major medical issues and activate medical field’s rational public opinion formation function

Publishing Research Results and Books

  • Internal/external research report and policy source book
  • Translation on overseas medical books
  • Books on healthcare policy, medical institute management, and healthcare insurance

Publishing Quarterly Healthcare Policy Forum

  • The only Korean magazine specialized in healthcare policy. Published the first issue in December 2002.
  • Publication of various contributions on healthcare policy and pending issues in medical field to provide an opportunity to discuss problem solving methods
  • Introduction of foreign healthcare system and report on major results of research reports published in research institute

Supporting Publication

  • Support on writing and publication on healthcare policy by researchers and research personnel to promote social spread of research result on healthcare policy
  • Promotion of free and creative writing activities by researchers related to healthcare policy
  • Support on translation of excellent overseas publication related to healthcare policy to expand base of overseas policy data

Cooperating on Policy Data

  • Collection and provision of policy research data to support association’s policy project and support requests from subsidiary and various council affairs division quickly and effectively
  • Organization and provision of basic data on various healthcare problems and pending issues

Making Healthcare Policy Contents

  • Emphasis on need for contents for communicating with people based on research institute’s research results
  • Need for utilizing rich research data and base data effectively
  • Development and spread of policy contents in webtoon and card news format that anyone can easily understand and empathize with

Education/Scholarship Project

  • Operation of annual course for seniors in healthcare administration
  • Support on master’s and doctoral thesis research fee to enhance excellent research personnel and contribute on development of healthcare policy

Holding Internal Seminar

  • Discussion on pending healthcare issue, presentation on overseas healthcare policy trend and overseas literatures, and review on research reports


  • Active participation on lectures and debates for communication with members, academic world, and society
  • Suggestion on policy alternative arranged by the research institute, collection of opinions, and identification on pending issues in front-line medical field

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