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Message from Director

Healthcare and Welfare Policy Institute with Trust, Innovation, Communication, and Expertise for the Public and KMA members

Based on social responsibility and the creation of new values, RIHP will strive to establish itself as the best research institute that contributes to health promotion of the public and leads future policies.

연구소장 사진

This is Duck-sun Ahn, the 11th director of the Research Institute for Healthcare Policy(RIHP) in the Korean Medical Association(KMA)

Since being in charge of the 9th director of RIHP, it is an honor to be the 11th director again to make the right healthcare policy and the healthcare promotion of the public.

Now, South Korea is facing a crisis that a world-class medical system may collapse in an instant due to the collapse of essential and local healthcare system, and also in danger of population extinction due to low birth rates and aging population that are not found in any other countries.

Over the past 20 years, RIHP has served as a think tank so that KMA could be the center of Korean healthcare system based on its policy superiority and expertise as a physician specialized organization.

Based on this experience, RIHP will take the lead in solving the crises of the collapse of Korean medical system by suggesting scientific and rational policy research and alternatives.

In the future, RIHP will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities and create new values with trustful and innovative researches. We promise to do our best to contribute to the health promotion of the publics and to become an international healthcare policy research institute that leads future policies with professional researches.

Thank you.


Director of Research Institute for Healthcare Policy, Duck-sun Ahn

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